Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Trinity congregation is a family blessed with a diversity of riches including time talents and abilities. We are a family that recognizes that each member must take up their task in glory to the Lord performing to the best of their ability.

At Holy Trinity members have a wealth of opportunities to find their niche and contribute to the body of Christ that resides here in Abington.  Christ intends for us to be a vibrant community focused on learning, loving, respect and joyful worship. In order to fulfill that mission our members lay claim to their opportunity to serve to the glory of the Lord.

Take a look and explore the many opportunities here at Holy Trinity to Glorify God.

Spiritual Gifts Weekend at Holy Trinity is the weekend of Mother’s Day — the second weekend in May.  This is the Saturday and Sunday when members of this parish express their intended time-commitment to the church for the coming year — a very tangible way to show our love, devotion, and thankfulness to God. But even now you are not too late to offer your gifts!

Below is a “Spiritual Gifts Commitment Packet” which includes a cover letter, a Commitment Sheet, and a description of what the different Tasks and Teams are. Just read through the description guide, fill out the Spiritual Gifts Commitment Sheet, and either mail it to the Office or place in in the offering plate.

We pray that you will let God lead you as you reflect on your gift of time in His service through Holy Trinity.

May God continue to bless and protect you and all those you love and pray for.

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