How to Evaluate Non-Profits

Charity Navigator

How can you tell whether any particular charity is worth giving your money to? Go to and find out.

Charity Navigator works to ensure that charitable donations go to efficient and well-run charities.  In 2011 Kiplinger Personal Finance selected Charity Navigator as a Money Management Innovator for “helping millions of people become philanthropists” putting it in the same category as, Turbo Tax, and Banking Aps.

You can read up on Charity Navigator through Wikipedia. Just Google “Charity Navigator.”

The service is easy to use and free.

Charity Navigator helps you make an informed decision about whether to give to that charity whose snail-mail stuffs your mail box (or e-mail in-box) and that asks you to give by telling you heartbreaking stories of the suffering your contribution can alleviate.

Maybe your contribution will help.  Maybe not.  Charity Navigator can help you make an informed decision.

Go to


Other members of Holy Trinity trust GuideStar to help them ensure their charitable donations are going to efficient and well run charities. To see if GuideStar is right for you, go to their website: GuideStar has a color-coded rating system. You can sign up for free.

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