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Holy Trinity supports our missionaries through financial gifts and prayers.


Didi and Seraphina Panzo are serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, through World Mission Prayer League.

You can correspond with Pastor Didi at: dpanzo@wmpl.org

You can also request regular prayer updates or make a secure contribution online at wmpl.org/Didi

Contributions can be sent by check to: World Mission Prayer League, 232 Clifton Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403, USA. On the check memo line write “Panzo”

February 2017 Update on Pastor Didi Panzo from Pastor Ed Storey of Black Forest Lutheran Church

(Didi has been sending updates and photos to Pastor Ed Storey of Black Forest Lutheran Chursh. Pastor Storey is responsible for sending these updates and photos to the 16 congregations that Didi is keeping informed about his ministry in the Congo. Today we got another update. It is listed below:)

I [Pastor Storey] have been receiving photos and information from Didi Panzo in Boma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am attaching some photos for you. Didi has been teaching local students at the Tshela School courses like Christian Counseling. He teaches 3 days a week and it is 90 km each way. Here is also a picture of the generator that was stolen. At the time of extra unrest related to the departure of the president, gangs of lawless people stole from many, including Didi’s generator. The regular electricity is very unreliable and he hopes to be able to replace the generator soon. I suspect it might have been worrisome to have gangs with clubs roam thru where he and Serafina were living.

Here are also some of the many orphans wandering around Boma (and probably throughout the country) They have little food or clothing. Their feet might be especially vulnerable, as parasites can enter thru feet as they walk barefoot. Didi would like to be able to start a shelter for such as these and teach them how to grow their own food. The name will be “Centre Paix et Espoir” Interestingly the English translation is Peace and Hope; just like the Paz y Esperanza in Ecuador.

Please pray for the safety of Didi and Serafina, as well as for his mission in the DRC.

Pastor Ed Storey
Black Forest Lutheran Church

The Stolen Generator: (Notice it is a “50 Hz”)

Hungry children outside Didi’s door:

More children who need help:

January 2017 Mission Work Update from Didi (with photos)

May 2016 Mission Work Update (with photos)

Dear brothers and sisters,
First apology for passing a month without keeping you posted about our mission work in the DRC. We are in our five months since the day I landed in the DRC. Things are going well in spite of difficulties and challenge. You guys are making our journey in the DRC possible because without you we will not accomplish the contacts that we are making in these few months. Our team meeting of April 17 gave us a clear picture in what can we be involved and see family living peacefully one to another. This will not be an easier work, your prayers are needed.

As you can see few pictures in each section, the one on top are pictures taken from Lutheran elementary school. They do have courageous teachers but facing economical problems, school is in bad shape and need repairs, electricity and plumbery.

Please feel free to give a feedback, especially when facing difficult to open the attachment.

May the Lord bless you in Jesus name.

Didi & Serafina
DRC Mission

An Appeal on Behalf of Didi Panzo:

May 4, 2016
Dear Fellow followers of Christ:
I am writing to you on behalf of the Rev. Didi Panzo, sent by us to Boma in the Dominican Republic of the Congo. Did is encountering some difficulties & I thought we all need to be sure we are responding to God’s will as we support him.

First, there is a problem with water. The supply is inconsistent, typically less than ½ the time. When it flows, it is yellowish and of unknown quality. Bottled water is about US $1.50 per bottle. (I just bought some for 15 cents in Arizona) It seems, there is a need for some purification, perhaps a storage tank and a pump for in-house use. Electricity comes from his generator, so there is insufficient power to boil water.

Next, Didi is just beginning to minister to the people in Boma. Some are farmers & he needs resources to help with seeds, fertilizer and instruction. There is also a need for counseling and support for those with family issues. He might need to share food or water, blankets, Bibles, and similar.

Then there is a need for financial resources. Didi did not get his full allowance last month, via WMPL. He receives money via an ATM; which has a fee with every withdrawal. He has felt it necessary to hire a guard for his house and vehicle. Without even getting enough for his living expenses, it must be very tough to be helping others.

We would all probably like more photos and messages from Didi. His internet, like other resources is slow and sporadic. American ISPs are suspicious of messages from the DRC and may not allow all messages to get through. Did is not a wizard at all of the intricacies of sending messages and images.

In summary, please pray about your support for our brother in the DRC. We all want to be sure when we sent him to a place we might have been unwilling to go, we are not leaving him on his own.

If you have any questions, either contact Didi directly via email, or you can write back to me and I will try to clarify further.

Ed Storey
c/o Black Forest Lutheran Church
12455 Black Forest Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Didi and Seraphina Panzo May 2016

About Didi and Seraphina Panzo

Natives of Angola and now US citizens and members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Pastor Didi Panzo and family recently completed 3 years of service in Ecuador among the marginalized. At this time, they have re-deployed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where they focus on community development, counseling, and spiritual guidance. They are able to serve in this capacity thanks to a strategic partnership between WMPL and Christian Community Development Network (CCDN).

Didi and Seraphina are stationed in western Congo where local leaders have expressed an acute need for empowering families that are facing conflict and crisis — especially women in domestic violence and children enduring many kinds of abuse. The goal is to facilitate emotional and spiritual rehabilitation as they are pointed to Christ, the only one who can heal such wounds. Local Lutheran congregations are eager to collaborate and so build their capacity to respond in a similar fashion. Dr. Panzo also teaches on a part-time basis at the Lutheran Theological Institute in Kinshasa.

Please pray for Didi and Serafina as they do this crucial work. Join them in prayer that this critical ministry to abused women and children will be guided by the Lord and grow as it did in Ecuador, equipping volunteers and leaders to reach out to those affected. Didi and Seraphina ask us to join them in prayer that God will provide for this ministry. Also Pray for their youngest two children, Nicole and Sarah, as they stay with their adult sister in the States and attend to their studies.

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