Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

In Philip Yancey’s wonderful book Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?, he emphasizes the importance of showing up. We get busy with our lives, we sometimes feel disconnected or distant from God as we grow consumed by the cares of the world. Yancey explains, Taking a mission trip, getting married, managing a houseful of kids, giving care to an aging parent—every major life change will have an effect on prayer, both its practice and its content. The only fatal mistake is to stop praying and not begin again.

Requests for Prayer

One of the beautiful aspects of Christian fellowship is that we can share one another’s concerns through prayer. Right before the Sunday morning worship service begins, we collect prayer cards on which people have written names of individuals or families for whom worshipers are requesting prayer. These cards are found in the pew racks of every pew. Just write on the card the names of those for whom you are requesting prayer this week. These cards are collected right before the worship service begins.

If you have a long list of names of families or individuals for whom you would like prayer, just write out your list on the back of the prayer card. Those names will be added to our congregational prayer list. The list of names (and any requests for yourself you might make) goes to our Women’s Prayer Group and the pastors. The names (but not the requests) will also be printed in the bulletin and will stay on that prayer list until you tell us to remove them or until the end of the year, whichever comes first.

Your Prayers are Requested

Every week in our bulletin you will find two pages (or more) of requests for prayer — your prayer. Your prayers are requested for a number of named men & women in the armed forces — members of our own congregation, or relatives of members) who have placed themselves in harm’s way to protect us all. Your prayers are also requested for Persecuted Christians throughout the world; plus we offer you a suggested prayer to help your devotions. Your prayers are requested for named individuals, named families, and particular petitions. Plus, we offer you a sample prayer to pray before receiving Holy Communion.

You Can Receive Prayer Yourself

After the 9:00 Sunday Service, members of the Prayer Team are available in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd to meet with you and pray for you. Confidential prayers are offered to God for your physical, emptional and spiritual health. Members of the Prayer Team will approach the throne of God on your behalf, carrying any burden that is on your heart.

Women’s Prayer Group

Why not try writing GOD on your calendar on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. You may be amazed at the difference that setting aside this time will make in your life!  The Women’s Prayer Group meets the first and third Monday of each month, September through May, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Rosemary Hinkle.  Anyone is welcome to come pray and share prayer requests at any time.  We honor our shared joys and concerns by observing confidentiality.  Dessert and coffee/tea are served.  Please park in the street; residential parking restriction signs do not apply in the evenings.  For more information, please e-mail Rosemary at Watch the Echos or the calendar here on this website for specifics about when the prayer group is meeting.


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