Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekends

ATTENTION MARRIED COUPLES: When is the last time the two of you did something to enrich and revitalize your marriage? Make this the year you resolve to take time to spend a weekend learning how to make your marriage a more intimate, loving, Christian union. Lutheran Marriage Encounter Weekends run from Friday night at 8 PM to Sunday around 4 PM and have been enriching marriages for almost 40 years! There is a $100 per couple registration fee; plus toward the end of the weekend, you will be given an opportunity to make a confidential contribution toward continuation of the program. Two nights lodging, 5 meals for each of you, and all supplies are included.

Whether you’re newly married – or have been married for decades – good communication is the key to keeping your love relationship vibrant and strong! And only the right communication tools can help your relationship be all that it can be.

A Marriage Encounter Weekend is for married couples who value their relationship and desire a richer, fuller life together. Marriage Encounter Weekends have enhanced millions of marriages by teaching married couples a simple communication technique that allows them to privately explore important areas of their personal relationship in a spirit of love and understanding. By continuing to use this technique, husbands and wives can grow even closer and live more joyful and purposeful lives.

You can find more about upcoming Marriage Encounter Weekends at God Loves Marriage.

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