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Revised Holy Trinity COVID-19 Protocols
Effective September 25/26, 2021

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the Holy Trinity Council voted to revise the COVID protocols effective the weekend of September 25/26. The revised protocols are below. Please review them as there have been significant revisions including that the face mask exception for worshipers with medically confirmed COVID-19 has been removed. The church council encourages worshipers who want or need to avoid the expanded congregational singing to attend the Saturday evening service.

  1. Masks/Face Coverings are not required for those who are fully vaccinated.
  2. Worshipers who are not vaccinated will continue to wear masks but can sit wherever they chose. (See 3 immediately below.)
  3. Two rows of pews on the left-hand side in the rear of the nave (as one enters from the Narthex) are specifically designated for masked worshipers who wish to sit only with others who are masked. Unmasked people should not sit in these pews. The number of pews reserved for this purpose will be increased if needed.
  4. Worshipers shall continue to maintain social distancing, with seating every other pew throughout the nave.
  5. Increased singing: Sunday worshipers will be encouraged to sing the Hymn of the Day, the Communion Liturgy, and the Recessional Hymn.
  6. Worshipers who do not want to participate in the increased congregational singing are encouraged to attend the Saturday evening service where there is no singing and there are fewer worshipers.
  7. Worshipers are encouraged to wash hands at home before leaving for church and to refrain from handshaking at/in Holy Trinity. Worshipers should also take advantage of the online service if they are feeling sick, have a cough or running a temperature.

Council voted 11 in favor of the updated policy, 3 abstained, and 1 member left the meeting before the vote but stated they were against the changes.

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