At the end of 2014, Holy Trinity received a most generous and unexpected bequest from Dan and Emma Hettler.

The first thing Holy Trinity’s Council decided to do with this gift was to give 25% of it beyond the needs of our congregation. To that end, Council created the Mission Commitment Fund, and set up a special task force to oversee the disbursements from the fund. First, Council designated our President of the Congregation to Chair the task force; then Council selected several Council members to serve on it; finally Council allowed members of the congregation to self-select to serve on this task force — allowing on the task force any member who had special interest in how this money would be disbursed. Council then began the publicity that would invite all members of Holy Trinity (and ONLY members of Holy Trinity) to apply to this fund for grants to be given to their favorite charity beyond Holy Trinity.

Council spent most of the spring and summer of 2015 publicizing this opportunity within the congregation through the bulletin, newsletter, and special church-wide meetings. Council designed a form that every applicant (including the pastors) needed to use to apply for grants to their favorite beyond-Holy-Trinity charities. Each applicant (including the pastors) could apply for grants to no more than three non-profits.

All grants had to meet three criteria which were listed in bold print at the top of every application:

The Three Criteria that must be met for a fund request to be considered by Council & the Mission Commitment Task Force:
A) The fund request must be for a Christian organization (church or parachurch)
B) The Christian organization must be a 501 (c) 3 – ( tax exempt)
C) The Christian organization must either be listed on Charity Navigator or be a Christian organization that Holy Trinity has supported in the past.

Grant Request Form — Updated by Council 6/1/2016

Cover Letter to Accompany each Grant — Updated by Council 6/1/2016

The non-profit charitable organizations that received grants in 2016 were:

AIDS Dinner — $1,500
Asia Harvest — $1,500
Carson Simpson Farm – $1,500
Compassion International – $1,250
Cradle of Hope – $1,500
Emmanuel Lutheran Church – State College – $1,000
First Lutheran, Kirkland Illinois — $1,000
Harvest USA – $1,250
Holy Trinity Parish Relief Fund – $2,000
Interfaith Food Cupboard – $3.000
LC-MS (Missionaries Bill & Nicole Lohmeyer) — $1,000
Logan Hope ($2,000)
Lutheran World Relief – $1,500
NALC – $1,000
North American Lutheran Seminary — $2,000
Samaritan’s Purse – $1,566
Silver Springs – Martin Luther School – $2,000
St. Mark’s Reformed Episcopal Church – $1,000
Sunday Breakfast Mission – $1,500
Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge (Seminarians Caleb and Lynnea Douglas) – $2,000
Valley Christian School – $3,000
Voice of the Martyrs – $1,500
Water Mission International – $1,250
World Mission Prayer League – $2,000
Wycliffe Bible Translators – $1,000
Young Life of Montgomery County – $1,500

Here, in no particular order, are the Thank-You notes the task force received for the 2016 gifts:

Thank-You Letters Recieved for 2016 Gifts from the Mission Commitment Fund  

Thank you – CradleofHopeThankYou 2017

The non-profit charitable organizations that received grants in 2015 were: (name of member requesting the grant)

AIDS Dinner (Maryann Leventhal) — $1,500
Asia Harvest (Rosemary Hinkle) __ $1,500
Carson Simpson Farm (Danielle Rowley) — $1,500
Compassion International (Deb Mumford) — $1,500
Cradle of Hope (Rosemary Hinkle & Katie Beyers) — $1,500
First Lutheran Church, Kirkland Illinois (Heide Caputo) — $1,000
Harvest USA (Rosemary Hinkle) — $1,500
Holy Trinity Parish Relief Fund (Danielle Rowley) — $2,000
Interfaith Food Cupboard (Judi Reeder) –$3,000
Lutheran Church Mo. Syn. — Missionaries Bill and Nicole Lohmeyer (Pastor L. Guenzel) — $1,000
Lutheran World Relief (Pastor Mandy) — $1,500
Logan Hope School (Judi Reeder) — $2,000
NALC North American Lutheran Seminary (Pastor Mandy) — $2,000
Silver Springs/Martin Luther School (Heide Caputo) — $2,000
Samaritan’s Purse — Christmas Child (Rosemary Hinkle) — $1,500
Society of the Holy Trinity (Pastor Mike) — $1,500
Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission (Alan Hinkle) — $1,500
Trinity Seminary — Seminarians Caleb and Lynnae Douglas (Linda Cassady) — $2,000
Valley Christian School (Terry Rowley) — $3,000
Voice of the Martyrs (Deb Mumford) — $1.500
Water Mission International (Pastor Mandy) — $1,500
World Mission Prayer League — Missionary Didi Panzo (Pastor Mike) — $1,500
Wycliffe Bible Translators (Kathy Ingerson) — $1,500
Young Life of Montgomery County (Alan Hinkle) — $1,500

And here, in no particular order, are the thank-you notes that the Mission Commitment Task Force has received for the 2015 gifts:

PDF file of Thank-Yous to the Mission Commitment Task Force — May 18, 2016

Thank-You from the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission

Thank-You from Valley Christian School

Thank-You from North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS)

Thank -You from Marge Krikorian of Wycliffe Bible Translator (and photo): — May 2, 2016

Dear friends of the Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your financial support and interest in my missionary ministry.  The assignment the Lord has given me is to offer my services as a teacher to missionary families.  I’m in my third year of service in Mexico with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

As you may know, missionary families with school aged children living in isolated areas often turn to homeschooling as the educational option for their children.  This requires a significant investment of time.  I make myself available to these families for short periods (usually about a month.)  I travel to their village locations and take over the homeschooling of the children.  This gives the mom some time to work on language learning and other projects related to Bible translation.  At times I also help with homeschooling while the parents are involved in translation related workshops at our center in Mitla, Mexico  where I live.

Twice a year we have a three week session of classroom experience for homeschoolers in Mitla.  For the past year I’ve been coordinating this program as well as teaching one of the groups.  It’s been a stretching experience, and I’ve depended more than ever on the help of the Lord.

I am so blessed to be called of the Lord to serve His people in this way.  And I thank you for your part in my ministry.If you have questions or comments on my work I’d love to hear from you at

My prayer requests are:
that I would grow in my fellowship with and knowledge of the Lord.
that I would show the Lord’s love to the children as I teach them.
that I would have wisdom in use of my time.
for stamina, energy, enthusiasm…all things needed as I teach the children.
for the Lord’s provision of the teachers we need for our classroom session in the fall.

Thank you for your prayers.  I’m attaching a photo taken on an outing to a pottery making shop.

Marge Krikorian
Itinerant teacher with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Mexico

Wycliffe Bible Translator

Thank You from Compassion International

From: Brian Weber
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 6:41 AM
Subject: Compassion Internatational Donation Report

Dear Rev. Michael Tavella,
How are you? Several months ago, your congregation generously gave a donation to Compassion International. I want to share with you the impact of your gift. After we spoke on the phone, and I directed the donation to Compassion’s Highly Vulnerable Children Fund. This fund is designed to assist children who need safe housing or legal assistance, often because of abuse or neglect. Attached is the most recent report. In the last six months, the gift from Holy Trinity contributed to an effort that helped more than 700 children with extreme needs. Thank you for partnering with us to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Brian Weber | Compassion International
Church Relations Regional Manager

How Compassion International has Used Holy Trinity’s Gift