Marriage Law Guidance for Congregations – Phase 2 (August 2016)

August 17, 2016
Dear friends in Christ,

As promised last year in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, we are providing additional resources to assist NALC congregations. The resources are included in a single document, “Marriage Law and the Protection of Religious Liberty: Implications for Congregational Policies and Practices.” There are four parts to the document:
•Doctrine on Marriage and Sexuality
•employment practices
•facilities use policies
•policies related to parish schools

We urge all congregations to review the document and take appropriate steps to protect your religious liberties. Here is a link to the document:

Marriage Law Guidance for Congregations — Phase 2 (August 2016)

May God bless you and your ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Burkhart
Pr. Mark Chavez
James Gale
Pr. Ron Hoyum
Ryan Schwarz

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