Why Not Have Your Wedding Reception Here at Holy Trinity?

A Christian wedding is wonderful fun on just so many levels! And it can be really inexpensive. Since the couples our pastors marry have been members for years, the only fees you have to pay are to get married here are the fee for the Marriage License (which you get from the state), the fees for the musician and sexton (because you are contracting with them individually), and the cost of the bulletins. There’s no “Hall Rental” because you’re members — you pay for the buildings and the pastors’ weekly salary through your regular offering. Although the pastors will accept gifts, they don’t charge a fee for “doing marriages”. Although you CAN spend a bundle on your wedding, it’s not the Church-ceremony that costs the bundle. It’s the reception — the food, the entertainment, and the liquor.

But if you want to save a bundle, why not have the reception here too?

If you want a dinner, you can use Holy Trinity’s kitchen. Some people have used caterers, while others have used friends and family. (But if you use friends & family, be sure to learn how to use the dishwasher beforehand.)

You save a bundle on liquor because the only liquor Holy Trinity permits at the reception is one champagne toast to the bride and groom.

And the room can look really nice!

This slideshow is from a wedding that was held here in August, 2016. The Toltons set up for the reception, but they used a caterer to prepare the food. All of the tables and chairs belong to Holy Trinity and, of course, we do not charge for their use.

This slideshow is from a wedding that was held here in April, 2015. Michael and Jody Cheeseborough set up for the reception, but they used a caterer to prepare the food. Because Michael and Jody used friends and family instead of a professional photographer, Pastor Mandy was able to take TONS of pictures which she gave to Jody and Michael. Plus she made (and gave them) a copy of this slideshow:

The following slideshow is from Christopher and Dalilah Freer’s wedding. The entire family is very artistic and worked with a caterer. They rented the chairs, 2 round tables,and tablecloths from the caterer, but the rectangular tables belong to Holy Trinity. They set up a Head Table, had a Bride’s Side and a Groom’s Side of the room, and the whole reception was really lovely. I can’t remember whether they brought in a DJ or not, but they could have. One of the round tables was for the Wedding Cake (and gifts) and the other round table was for rocks for the Couple’s Rock Garden. Guests could write blessings for the couple on the rocks with gold leaf.

This set of photos is from a retirement party in May, 2014. Holy Trinity’s secretary retired after seventeen years. Our Women’s Group decorated Fellowship Hall for her retirement party and did a really nice job. This could give you some ideas.

I hope these slideshows gave you some ideas. A wedding does not have to be expensive! And considering that “marriage is very pleasing to God” Holy Trinity doesn’t want anybody to think that “it costs too much for us to get married.” It doesn’t cost a lot and we’ll help!

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