… What Do I Do When I Have a Great Idea for Holy Trinity?

Holy Trinity invites all members to step forward and offer your ideas! Council invites everyone who feels excited by a new concept for this congregation, passionate about a cause, and/or called by God to serve in a particular way to step forward and offer your thoughts. In other words, Council wishes to empower each person who has a vision first to share ideas and then be willing to commit to introducing and shepherding a project or program.

How has this invitation emerged? Throughout 2013, a task force of church members met as the Vision Committee (a Task Force appointed by Council). As often happens in a collaborative effort, a group begins in one direction and emerges in another that proves surprising and hopeful. The group read Power Surge by Lutheran pastor Michael Foss and developed an appreciation for his idea of emphasizing discipleship in a congregation. This means that lay people take greater ownership of ways to serve their church. It also very importantly means that their voice, creative ideas, and leadership are welcomed to take a church in new directions and help members embark on new paths to the glory of God. We believe that every member of this church has been gifted by God to serve. Some are called to create and lead while others may be called to implement visions. The vision of the Vision Task Force is to engage more church members in the life of Holy Trinity. We want to hear from YOU!

How Do Visions Become Reality? When you have an idea you would like to explore for Holy Trinity, determine which of the Standing Committees might be best suited to consider and back your plan. That also means which committee is most likely to give you any needed funding to make your idea a reality. Contact the chair and ask to present at a committee meeting. As the committee endorses ideas, the liaison person will take them to Council for approval. You can then seek volunteers who share your enthusiasm and are willing project workers. Then voila, you are launched. Some examples of recent ideas that have either been accomplished or are currently being researched are: church magnets, church welcome bags of goodies for new members and visitors, name tags for all members, and streaming our services online.

Committee Reference Guide Here is a list of the Standing Committees along with a brief description of their area of focus as well as the 2020/21 Chairperson’s name and contact information. Use this list as your guide:

Audit: Responsible for performing an annual audit of the accounts of the treasurer and church investments. Chair: Sue Schied See church directory for contact information.

Christian Education: Oversee the Sunday church school and all other Christian education programs. It encourages using teaching and worship materials published or approved by the North American Lutheran Church, and works to introduce and promote church family devotional books and materials. Chair: Linda Frezza at lindtazred@aol.com

Evangelism: Devoted to deepening spiritual life, both within the congregation and in the wider community, especially working to reach the un-churched or un-won, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chair: Betsy Zimmermann at imbetz@yahoo.com

Executive: Assists the pastors in overseeing and attending to the regular operations of the congregation. Chair: John Minges at council.president@holytrinity.net 

Finance: Prepares a draft budget for the succeeding year and oversees all financial affairs of the congregation to make sure that they are being conducted efficiently. Chair: Rich Hamilton at LoisRich7@comcast.net

Investment: Monitors and makes decisions about all investments of the Church. Chair: Steve Wyszomierski at swysz2730@gmail.com

Membership: Helps people grow into the deeper life of Christ and His Church by providing points of entry into Holy Trinity’s wider fellowship life. Chair: Deb Mumford at Debssam@msn.com

Nominating: Annually nominates a slate of qualified candidates for election to the Church Council.

Program/Outreach Fund: Annually makes decisions about the disbursement of interest earned from the Outreach Fund to the wider community. Chair: Betsy Zimmermann at imbetz@yahoo.com

Property: Oversees the maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation, making sure that it is kept in good repair and is adequately insured. Chair: Tom Weld at lajennyda@aol.com

Social Ministry: Extends Christian compassion and aid to the ill, aged, orphaned, underprivileged, imprisoned, and, in general, all in need of assistance. It strives to enlist in these efforts as many church members and congregational organizations as possible. Chair: Rosemary Hinkle at arhinkle@comcast.net

Staff Support: Strengthens the ministry of the pastors, staff, and congregation as a whole. It consists of two teams: 1. Personnel Team to prepare and update job descriptions, establish compensation and benefits, and encourage participation in appropriate continuing education programs. 2. Pastor-Parish Relations Team to act as an open communication channel regarding conditions and attitudes within the congregation and serve as an agent of reconciliation when there is conflict. Chair: John Minges at council.president@holytrinity.net

Stewardship: Encourages the expression of Christian faith in daily living by helping to teach the Christian use of money that leads church members to higher levels of proportionate giving for the Lord’s work and by promoting the practice of spiritual gifts. Chair: Deb Mumford at Debssam@msn.com

Worship & Music: Assists in assuring that worship is conducted regularly and in accordance with the liturgy of the North American Lutheran Church, that competent worship assistants are recruited and trained, and that hymnals and other devotional materials are provided and properly cared for. This committee also arranges for the care of paraments, vestments, and musical instruments; and, in consultation with the pastor, the organist, and the choir directors, it may furnish music supplies appropriate to worship. Chair: John Moore at Mooresurf1004@comcast.net 

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