Grandparents Day Ideas

In I Corinthians 12:14-18 Paul writes about the value of each member of the body of Christ. Grandparents hold a unique place in our children’s lives, so it seems proper to honor them on a special day. Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in September in the United States and Canada. Choose that date, or another one that works for your family, to help your children develop an appreciation for the gifts and talents of some of the older members of God’s family. If you wish to “adopt” grandparents, consider inviting neighbors or some of the older people who sit near you in Church.

Make “Helping Hands” gift cards. Pour liquid tempera paint onto foam meat trays and dip your children’s hands in the paint. Press the wet hands on the front of folded construction paper cards. When the paint dries, help the children print or draw ways to thank their grandparents for special things they have done. Attach the cards to homemade gifts. Fill a tote tray with gardening tools and seeds for that favorite gardening grandparent. Fill a basket with thread, scissors, and sewing gadgets for that special seamstress. Make coupons for special gifts of time and talent such as: house or yard work, hugs, or other special projects. Wrap the gifts in homemade gift wrap. Cut shapes such as hearts, stars, or crosses from cellulose sponges. Dip them in liquid tempera and use them as stamps to create a print on shelf paper or tissue paper.

Have a Grandparents Day celebration! Audio or videotape family members as they tell their favorite family memories. Grandparents can share their knowledge and stories of family roots. If your grandparents live far away, you may wish to record a tape of greetings to send to them.

Provide materials that let the grandparents share a hobby or craft with the children. For example, if the grandparents like to paint china or ceramics, they might like to create a special family plate with your children. If they are whizzes at gardening or baking, ask them to share these hobbies.

Serve a “Grand Meal.” Provide sliced English muffins for making individual pizzas. Offer a variety of toppings like: pizza sauce, sliced olives, meats, and grated cheese. Let each person put their favorite toppings on half an English muffin. Broil these “pizzas” until the cheese melts.

Pray an acrostic prayer. Print each grandparent’s name vertically. Next to the letters, write positive qualities starting with that letter. Name these qualities in a prayer of thanks.

And did you know
The family that EATS together …
A survey was taken at the University of Chicago. Graduate students were asked where they got most of their ideas about morality and religion. The majority said, “Through conversation with the family at mealtimes.” — Uplook. June 1997

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