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Through the Bible In 90 DAYS

90 days is all it takes to read through the whole Bible. Here at Holy Trinity we often use the time between Christmas and Easter to read through the Bible.  Many people find that when you read the Bible this way, it reads like a novel!

And of course you can do it! Here’s the secret: Read 12 pages a day.  Every day.  Don’t fall behind.

We use a special New International Version (NIV) Translation, of The Bible in 90 Days, that was designed to help you accomplish your 90 day goal and reap some real dividends spiritually and practically in the process.

Why do this?  Well, as someone who finds herself more and more impressed with the mysteries of life and less and less impressed with science and human explanations of those mysteries, Pastor Mandy finds a certain comfort in reading the Bible, with its miracles, feats of endurance, and obedience to God.

Although Holy Trinity had for years read through the Bible in a Year, in 2013 some of us decided to try reading the Bible in 90 Days for the first time.  Reading through the Bible in 90 days, made the Bible read like a novel!  You ask different questions.  We loved it! So we repeated it!  Nobody has to do this more than once — but if you want to, you’re welcome! We do this again every couple of years.

We meet together weekly to discuss how the reading is going and what we are learning about God and the meaning of human life.

Believe it or not, it is much easier to read Through The Bible in 90 days instead of taking a year to read it through. We found it’s also much more spiritually rewarding!! That’s because you know from the beginning that if you fall behind, you won’t be able to catch up.  So you don’t fall behind.

So think about joining us the next time we do this. Watch the bulletin and the Echos for a schedule.

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