Children’s Program

Children’s Program

Sunday School Curriculum: Our Life in Christ

10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Pre K – 5th grade

Our Growing-in-Christ and Cross-Explorations curricula emphasize the Gospel — the Good News about Christ — at each and every student! Everything we teach is anchored on the Bible, God’s Word.

Sunday school students differ from each other in the communities from which they come,  the things they already know, and the skills they possess. Yet all students need the same thing—they need to hear, clearly and consistently, the Good News that God loves them and has redeemed them from sin and death through His Son, Jesus! They need help and guidance in applying God’s Word to their lives as Jesus’ disciples.

  • Lessons that are Christ centered, Bible based, and life directed
  • Chronological Bible stories with church year connections
  • Single and succinct key point in each lesson
  • Easy-to-understand application
  • Practical teaching helps
  • Connections to the catechism
  • Suggestions for various settings
  • Age-appropriate activities

Our curriculum materials are engaging, creative, and packed with options to help teachers find the perfect fit for their Sunday school classroom. But most importantly, you can be confident that our children are benefiting from the solid, biblical and Lutheran-specific content.

Download the Children’s Sunday School Registration and Information Form (PDF)

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