Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is committed to a Christian education program for all ages that fosters the strengthening of faith in Christ and deepens knowledge of Christian doctrine and ethics.

Instruction is founded on the solid rock of Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. The assumption of the program is that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God that is not to be pre-empted by modern philosophies or trends. The Confessions, collected in the Book of Concord of 1580, faithfully reflect the Church’s public interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.

In accordance with their ordination vows, the pastors regard faithful teaching to be at the core of their pastoral leadership. This commitment of pastors and people is to be reflected in the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Bible studies, theological studies, and Confirmation program of the congregation. We pray that Christ, the Word made flesh, would keep us faithful. We praise the Holy and Blessed Trinity, One God in Three Persons, who has created, redeemed, and sanctified us. May our faith in Him be strengthened and our understanding increased.

Paraclete Adult Sunday School Class — The First Thousand Years — 

Sundays at  10:30 A.M. — Meeting in Fellowship Hall by the stage
Teacher: Dr. Michael Tavella

— This year Pastor Mike’s class is continuing its study of Church History to the year 1,000 AD. We start this year with a study of monasticism.

The Other Fellowship Hall Class —

Sundays at 10:30 A.M. — Meeting in Fellowship Hall by the kitchen
Teacher: Pastor Larry Guenzel

— Earlier this year, this group studied “Lutheranism for Dummies”. This group will meet again later this year, although right now, they are not meeting.

The Study Adult Sunday School Class — Prayer

Sundays at  10:30 A.M. — Meeting in The Saints Peter and Andrew Study
Teachers: Tom Schied & Randy Gettmann

— Tom and Randy lead 6-session classes on the most fundamental, challenging, perplexing, and deeply rewarding aspects of our relationship with God. This year they are looking at prayer, effective ways to communicate the Gospel, living life in light of eternity, and caring for your soul.

“Way Cool” Tuesday School — Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey 

Tuesdays at  1:00 P.M. — Sons of Thunder Youth Room
Tuesdays at 7:00 P.M. — Sons of Thunder Youth Room
 Teacher: Pastor Mandy Grimmer

Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey — January 10 – March 38, 2017 —
On Tuesdays, Pastor Mandy will be offering an 8 week course on Small Surrenders. This course will meet January 10 – March 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm with repeat at 7:00 pm. ( Yes, I know 1/10 – 3/28 is more than 8 weeks. If we have no snow, the class will end early; if we DO have snow, snow days won’t make me crazy.) There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex where you can sign-up for the course. In 2017, Ash Wednesday is March 1; Easter is April 16.

Last fall, a group of us absolutely fell in love with this author, teacher, spiritual director and poet as we studied her book on the beauty and difficulty of aging. So this winter, I am offering an 8 week course on her book “Small Surrenders.” (instead of Peter Holmes’ book on fasting)

The format is straightforward and follows the successive weeks of Lent – although we will be beginning our reflection in January (even though Ash Wednesday is not until March 1). Each writing is a brief 3-5 pages long and takes almost no time to read, but the substance of the writing can be meditated on all day long. You will find your heart and your intellect stirred repeatedly by her words.

I know that Jan/10-Mar/28 is more than 8 weeks. If we have no snow, the class will end early; if we DO have snow, snow days won’t make me crazy. Class will be offered on Tuesdays at both 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

I have 10 hardback books available at $5 apiece (used) for the first 10 people who sign up; Kindle copies cost $10. I can order additional paperback copies for $21 + postage, although you can get one much cheaper through Amazon.

There is a sign up sheet in the narthex.

The Spiritual Warrior’s Prayer Guide — April 25 – May 30, 2017
In Scripture, there are numerous references to the conflict of God’s people with Satan and “the dominion of darkness,” with the fallen world, and with the continuing pull of our sinful nature. From April 25 – May 30, 2017 Pastor Mandy will offer a 6-week course using veteran intercessors Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock’s guide to help you apply biblical promises to every area of life: illness, financial trouble, depression and anxiety, concern for wayward loved ones, unemployment, family relationships and much more. This course will meet April 25, 2017 – May 30, 2017 at 1:00 pm with repeat at 7:00 pm. There will be a sign up sheet in the narthex and the textbook will cost $13.00, although you can get it much cheaper through Amazon or on Kindle..


Searchers Bible Study: The Gospels: The Passion of Our Lord

Tuesday Evenings at 7:30 P.M., beginning September 13, 2016 — Meeting in The Saints Peter and Andrew Study
Teacher: Doctor Michael Tavella

The class meets on Tuesday at 7:30 in the study. The Office of Compline will be sung in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd after each session.

Theology with Bagels: The Intolerance of Tolerance

Thursdays from  October through mid-November.
Meets in The Saints Peter and Andrew Study at 9:30 a.m.
 Teacher: Doctor Michael Tavella


And Don’t Forget Coram Deo!

Join us this year for lively discussions of literature and living life in Coram Deo, in the presence of God. Our meetings are at 7:30 p.m. in the Saints Peter and Andrew Study, most Mondays. Please bring your own copy of the reading selection, except for the first meeting in September.Watch the Echos and the bulletin for continuing information about what we’re reading.