Without a Song …

Without a song, the day would never end;
Without a song the road would never bend;
When things go wrong a man ain’t got a friend,
Without a song.

I got my trouble and woe,
but sure as I know the Jordan will roll,
I’ll get along as long as a song is strong
In my soul.

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This is an old song by Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu and Vincent Youmans. (You might want to Google theis song and it’s creators.) I learned it when Willie Nelson popularized it, blew the dust off the lyrics, and taught it to a new generation.

I really like this song, and find myself humming it in the shower in the morning or in the middle of a hectic day. Somehow it adds a touch of oil to the grind, smoothing things out a bit.

And the words are true! Given the pressures and demands people like us are forced to cope with on a daily basis, it’s nice when the day is touched by a little magic. For most of us, days don’t end soon enough and roads don’t bend often enough. Which must be why our Creator gave us songs!

And now I’m thinking about really old songs. Ancient songs. Songs inspired by our Creator. You probably know them as Psalms.

These are timeless songs. They are strong, melodious messages written with life’s daily grind in mind and especially designed to help us live beyond that daily grind. “Eternal Father Strong to Save” is Psalm 3. All Praise to Thee, my God, This Night is Psalm 4. Rejoice O Pilgrim Throng is Psalm 20. “The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll not Want” is Psalm 23. “Holy God , We Praise Thy Name” is Psalm 31. “Now Thank We All Our God” is Psalm 37. “Be Still My Soul, The Lord is on Thy Side” is Psalm 42. “O God Our Help in Ages Past” and A Mighty Fortress” are both Psalm 46. And there are many, many more that you know as well as these.

These timeless songs were especially designed to help us live beyond the daily grind. To borrow from “Without a Song”, we’ll get along as long as a psalm is strong in our souls. Why else would God have inspired these ancient compositions? He inspired them and then preserved them to help us persevere. As Charles Swindoll reminds us, “The Psalms drip with the oil of glory that enables us to live beyond the daily grind.”

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