What We Dare for God

Dr. Juan Carlos Ortiz was Senior Pastor Emeritus of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. In one of his sermons, he spoke of a conversation he had with a circus trapeze artist. The performer admitted the net underneath was there to keep them from breaking their necks if they fell. Then he added, “The net also keeps us from falling in the first place. Imagine there were no net. We would be so nervous that we would be more likely to miss and fall. If there were no net below us, we would never dare to do some of the things we do. But because there’s a net, we dare to make two turns, and once I made three turns– thanks to the net!”

Pastor Ortiz made this observation: We have our security in God. When we are sure He’s holding us, we can dare to attempt big things for God. We can dare to be faithful. We can dare to be holy. We can dare to be obedient. We can stand for God, even when no one else stands with us. We can dare to do all this because we know that no matter what, God will never lose His hold on us.

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