Virtual Worship — Links, Bulletin, Hymns and Readings for the 4th Sunday in Lent

Dear Everyone,

Holy Trinity’s Virtual Worship Service for this week is right here!
Those of you who are subscribers to my blog will need to click on the title of this blog to be taken straight to the website, where the Virtual Worship Service is right on the front page.

Charlie Tolton did a great job recording the service and the audio sounds great. Dean Lawrence did all the “techie stuff” to get this service online. Jacqueline Smith was on the organ. The Cantor was Kile Smith. Our choir was John Minges, Kile Smith, Dean Lawrence and Tom Schied. The pastors were Pastor MIke Tavella, Pastor Larry Guenzel and Pastor Mandy Grimmer. (9 people total.) Thank you !! Thank you!!

Yesterday I sent you the hymns and readings.  Today I am also attaching a Bulletin Jackie put together for this Virtual Service of the Word for Lent.  If you want to sing along and read along with the worship leaders, just print off both of the attachments and then click on the link. (Or just click on the link.)
I’ll be worshiping with you at 5:00 tonight and 9:00 tomorrow morning.

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