The Pilot and The Passenger

(Alan Shikhvarg sent me this and I thought you might enjoy it. I had never seen it before — maybe you haven’t either)

The Pilot and The Passenger

Leonard, a seasoned business traveler, was told that his chartered flight would be waiting for him on the tarmac at precisely 1:00 pm. Always prompt, Leonard walked up to the plane as the pilot was completing the final walkthrough.

He observed the pilot, and when he was ready to board the plane he said, “Let’s go!”

Without delay, the plane taxied and took off.

When in the air, Leonard said to the pilot, “Fly low over the mountain so I can get some pictures of the town.”

The pilot asked, “Why?”

Leonard answered, “Because I am the photographer for LIFE magazine. I want to take some shote coming over the ridge.”

The pilot was silent for a moment, then murmured, “So you are not my flight instructor?”

This is a good reminder that it’s really important to know whether you’re the passenger or the pilot before the journey begins.

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