Staying Connected During the Coronavirus Lockdown

I heard my first Coronavirus joke last Thursday.  I thought it was great! I still remember the first joke I received after 9/11/2001.  Both jokes let me realize that locked down though we are, Americans are getting their Very-American, Bugs-Bunny sense of humor back.

Here’s the joke:
Q: Do you know why the whole country is running out of toilet paper?
A: Because every time somebody coughs, everyone within earshot shoots their shorts.

I thought it was hysterical!

Look, I know that everyone is worried and stressed! It’s worrisome to know your health is at risk. It is even MORE worrisome to know that those you love are at risk. The people who brought their loved-ones to Jesus for a miracle, were worried. They had enough faith to know where to go, but they were also stressed at the time.

One of the best ways to manage this stress is to stay connected VIRTUALLY. Here at Holy Trinity we are really working on that. Our first VIRTUAL Service of the Word will be recorded here at Holy Trinity on Saturday morning. As soon as we know how you can connect to it, we will be e-mailing that information to everyone on my blog list, to everyone on my own Holy Trinity e-mail list, and to every one on Deb Mumford’s (our parish secretary) e-mail list. We will also be posting a sign on the Church door with this information. Who knows — someone may come by.

Plus, later today, I will be sending an e-mail with an attachment of the lyrics to the hymns we will be singing at that worship service. That way, you can participate in worship right there in front of your computer.

In fact, if you attend this worship service at 5:00 Saturday night or at 9:00 Sunday morning, you will know that you are singing along with everyone else who is worshiping with you. I can assure you that I will be worshiping at both times as I usually would. So you can know that you’re worshiping with me (at least).

In this difficult time, when we can’t control very much of what is going on, we can at least focus on what we CAN control. And Holy Trinity CAN control making available worship — even if it is only virtual worship. And you CAN control whether or not you worship with us.

I am planning to manage my own physical stress by finally riding that exercycle I have been using as sculpture in our bedroom.

For daily devotions, I will be praying and reading 3 chapters of my Bible every day except Sunday — and on Sunday I will read 5. Why? Because this takes the reader through the whole Bible in a year. And as long as we are on lockdown, I will help you with this project, if you want to join me. (I will post things on this blog)

And another thing you can do to help manage your stress is TELEPHONE members of the parish and ask them to tell you how THEY are coping with this lockdown. And then you tell them how YOU are coping.

We’ll all get through this together. And I will soon make sure that you have the hymn lyrics for this Saturday/Sunday virtual worship.

Until then, just do the best you can. And don’t forget to rely on Jesus. That’s all anyone can do.

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