I Bet You Didn’t Know THIS about Thanksgiving!!

Today we are all getting ready to give thanks for all of our many, many blessings; to stuff our faces with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and cranberries; and to cheer for our favorite football team.

All of which means that TODAY we have time to reflect on a few of the things I bet you didn’t know about Thanksgiving.

Reflect on these videos! Amaze your relatives this Thursday! (Stave off those political conversations that always begin when someone says, “Let me tell you my thoughts on our President.”) And if you are a subscriber to my blog, just click on the title to be taken right to the website where you can see each one.

The first one is only about 2-1/2 minutes long:  

And HERE are 9 MORE things you did NOT know about Thanksgiving (because, if you were paying attention, you just learned “Fact #8 from the History Channel.)

And FINALLY, here are eight MORE things UberTriviaChallenge thinks you do not know. Actually, you will have learned several of the things it wants you to know about Thanksgiving pretty recently, … but I am including it because I’m pretty sure you WANT to know that meleagrisphobia and sitophobia are.  (And even if you DO know, I’m pretty sure that the person sitting NEXT to you at Thanksgiving Dinner won’t know. Plus, you get a chance to guess “what’s the largest amount of food eaten by one person in one sitting?” — they don’t give you the answer, but you do get to guess.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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