Interfaith Food Cupboard works with churches and other non-government organizations in collecting and distributing groceries each to families in need throughout the community. It is not uncommon for the food cupboard to receive request from upwards of 40 families per week.

Here are some of the staples that leave the shelves the quickest: peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, cereal, juice, canned fruit, tuna, canned meats, pasta & rice, stew, ravioli and powdered milk.

Traditionally the holidays brings forth an amazing outpouring of support with the publicity surrounding Inter-faith and our efforts. The past couple of years it has not been uncommon for the food cupboard to prepare over 100 Thanksgiving and Christmas orders. It really doesn’t take long to go through those holiday donations.  And when summer comes, the food pantry ALWAYS runs low.

Please prayfully consider picking up a couple extra items while out food shopping. The 10-for 10 and the Buy-One-Get-One sales are in abundance this time of the year.

Items can be delivered to Holy Trinity’s office throughout the week.