Fighting Cabin Fever

By now lots of us are fighting cabin fever. My heart especially goes out to those who are trying to find things for their “tiny tots” to do.

1st, for those of you with tiny tots, check out “The Domestic Church” section of this website.

Just go to the HomePage ( and there it is on the right hand side! Click on it. It’s pretty intuitive. And when my own men-children were tiny tots, these activities saved my bacon more times than I can count.

2nd, for “Cabin Feverites of Any Age” why not go on a Virtual Tour?

Just Google “Arts and Culture” or “Virtual Tours” and all sorts of great things will come up. Below are a few.

Virtual Tours of 12 Famous Museums

Virtual Science Museum

Massive List of Museums, Zoos and Theme Parks offering Virtual tours

Virtual Tour of Carlsbad Caverns

3rd, Get Active

I mentioned that I was going to stop using the exercycle in my bedroom as sculpture. Other things you can do include:
1. Spring Cleaning (gag)

2. Go for a walk / jog

3. Check out the Online Workout Programs (Just Google “Online Workouts”)
Here’s one site that makes me tired just looking at it :

4th, Relax (after you exhaust yourself)

1. Put on your favorite music

2. Read that good book you’ve never had time to read
(We’ll be starting Bible in 90 Days on this blog on Tuesday. I don’t retire until the end of June — more than 30 days away. Let’s read the Bible together one last time. That will be my Tuesday blog starting tomorrow.)

3. Try a new recipe

4. Organize those cluttered shelves / closets / boxes of photos you’ve been putting off until you have time

5. And don’t forget to pray and just spend time with God.

On the comments section right below this blog, just share your other suggestions with other readers.
And don’t forget to stay virtually connected with those you love! Skype, Virtual Worship, Facebook, e-mail, Phone — especially remember your elderly friends, neighbors and relatives.

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