Here at Holy Trinity, worship is “Liturgical”.  That means when you come to worship and open your bulletin, the first thing you will see is the Church Year Date (5th Sunday of Easter).

Liturgy first of all tries to tell you where in the universe you are.  Just as a planet revolves around the sun here in an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, so you live in relation to God through Jesus.

Now, some people divide the year into months (January, February, March etc.) but Liturgical Christians divide the year into Seasons.  Half the year celebrates seasons in the life of Jesus Christ:  Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter.  The other half of the year is the Season of Pentecost (or Trinity) where we focus on what the Risen Lord is doing in and through His Church.

Right now we are in the Season of Easter, which we celebrate for seven weeks — not just one day in the Spring.  Easter continues for seven weeks until the eighth week which begins the season of Pentecost.  I’ll talk more about the seven weeks of Easter in an upcoming blog.

All I want to do today is make the point that the Liturgy grounds you in the universe in relation to God, through the life of Jesus.

And you can do this for all seven days of the week, with Sunday always as the 1st day of the week: today is Thursday in the 4th week of Easter.  Tomorrow will be Friday in the 4th week of Easter.  And so fourth.  Then you will come to next Sunday, which will be the 1st day of the 5th week of Easter.

Liturgical Worship helps you learn how to remind yourself of where you are in the universe every day of the week.

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  1. John Smith

    I agree with this … thanks for the info!~

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